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Culinary Creations 1.0 Educator Training & Program

The Culinary Creations 1.0 Educator Training and certification by the HealthBarn Nutrition Academy is required to teach the Culinary Creations Program in your community. That's why they are bundled together.

Learning the HealthBarn teaching methodology is essential to delivering the hands-on healthy-lifestyle experience that will inspire children to try a variety of fruits and vegetables and to be active to achieve strong bodies, healthy minds.  

What's included in this bundle package?

  •  6-8 hours of training videos, materials and exam to certification
  • Live coaching session with founder, Stacey Antine, MS, RDN
  • FAQs and walk-through of Culinary Creations 1.0 Lessons
  • Access to 12 lessons organized as  Prep, Teach and Assess sections!
  • Lessons meet elementary school learning standards for Comprehensive Health & Physical Education in nutrition for states throughout the United States.
  • School district and multiple user discounts are available, please inquire.
  • You will love your work!
  • Prep

  • The preparation is key to creating a successful, thumbs up  learning experience for children.  When you are prepared, all the attention can be on facilitating a dynamic, healthy-lifestyle experience for the children.  Recipes, ingredients lists (including links for online shopping), class agendas and room organization is all laid out for you! 
  • Teach

  • Teachers have their own style, and we want you to shine!  That's why we provide our proprietary content mapped out from introduction to recipe to nutrition lesson to snack time and the Thumbs-up assessment.  It's organized and timed for you to pace yourself for success. 

  • Assess

  • Capturing the children's reactions and feedback is necessary to track their comprehension and engagement.  We encourage you to share the recipes, Nutrition Highlights and feedback with parents and caregivers.  And, at the end of each lesson you'll find a quick questionnaire for us to help you as needed - we value your feedback!

Courses included

Culinary Creations 1.0 Educator Training & Program

Special rate through December 31, 2023; then, tuition will increase.
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