Culinary Creations 1.0 Program

Are your students ready for Culinary Creations? During the 12-week nutrition education program, children will be transformed into expert taste testers by a trained educator!  Each week children will prepare a fun, hands-on, delicious recipe and learn how to make good food choices for strong bodies and healthy minds. 

The unique curriculum emphasizes the importance of where food comes from and why eating fresh is best for a happy and healthy life.
"Culinary Creations is exactly the type of program we look for in our after-school enrichment program. The children create hands-on recipes, all while learning about the importance of healthy foods for their growing bodies, from someone other than their parents!" 

School HSA Co-President
New Jersey

"I have attended thousands of school presentations and I have never witnessed elementary school aged children that engaged. On top of that, Stacey was teaching nutrition lessons that will impact these children’s lives forever."

Superintendent, Milton Public Schools

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Learn + Create + Eat! 


Included in the Program:

Program Objectives

• More fruits & vegetables
 • Less added sugar in foods and beverages
• Increased physical activity 
• More whole grains & calcium-rich foods
• Improved sleep routines
• Increased awareness for natural vs. artificial ingredients in foods 

We Meet Learning Standards

  • Personal hygiene and self-help skills promote healthy habits.
  • Nutritious food choices promote wellness and are the basis for healthy eating habits.
  • Understanding the principals of a balanced nutritional plan (e.g. moderation, variety of fruits, vegetables, limiting processed foods). 

Hands-On Recipes

The most popular kid-friendly recipes that do not require use of an oven or stovetop are featured:  Rainbow Swirly Smoothie, Texas Caviar, Creamy S'mores, Snowball Cake Pops and more!  

Natural Ingredients

All recipe ingredients are natural, nut-free foods. We recommend alternatives for dietary restrictions and food allergies.

Support Materials

Each class includes:

  • Printable PDFs of inexpensive foods and supply lists
  • Links to online shopping
  • Proprietary recipes and hand-outs for parents

Thumbs-Up Experience

Hundreds of kids and parents have participated in Culinary Creations programs for many years. The programs are in over 25+ school districts in Northern New Jersey and growing. Kids keep coming back!

Watch the Fun & Learning in Action!

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