Culinary Creations 2.0 Educator Refresher

The purpose of this course is to refresh the educator on the HealthBarn teaching methodology and how to facilitate the Culinary Creations 2.0 program with confidence and skill.

Who's Eligible? Teachers, registered dietitians, nutritionists and people who are passionate about living a healthy-lifestyle who completed the Culinary Creations 1.0 Educator Training and Program. 

The Culinary Creations 2.0 Educator Refresher and Program are offered as a bundle to guarantee a Thumbs-up experience for both the educator and the students!

Continue the Culinary Creations experience!

Get ready to to teach Culinary Creations 2.0 in schools, at camps, in libraries and more!

Culinary Creations 2.0 Educator Refresher Includes: 

Get Certified

Upon completion of the 6-8 hours educator training, you will receive a certificate from the HealthBarn Nutrition Academy. You can then access the Culinary Creation 2.0 program to start teaching it at your learning center. 

Expert Instruction

The Founder and Director of HealthBarn USA, Stacey Antine MS, RDN, will be your trainer! Stacey developed the curricula and has taught children of all ages for over 20 years. She authored Appetite for Life, HarperOne with over 100+ recipes. A complimentary digital copy is included in the course.

Culinary Creations Support

Support from Culinary Creations educators who are teaching the program in Northern New Jersey schools. You will be able to engage with them real time in groups chats and messaging. 

Lessons You’ll Love

More lessons rich in nutrition content and well-organized in a consistent Prep, Teach, Assess format to make them easy to follow.

Hands-On Recipes

Each lesson includes a new hands-on recipe that is easy to shop for and facilitate for fun food creations kids love! All recipes are nutritionally analyzed and shopping and food lists are supplied, too! 

Flexible Pricing

We have designed tiered pricing for school districts or other learning centers based on their need and multiple users. Please inquire about discounts.
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